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Janice Williams - Preparing for the Philippines

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. The Lord blessed me in January to be seen at a local clinic since I am working part-timed without insurance; I was paying on a sliding scale which allowed me to be seen for $20.00 per visit and to receive a three month supply of my insulin for $5.00. What a blessing!!! The Lord allowed me to talk to one of the receptionist that was saved but discouraged; I was able to share my testimony with her.

I returned to the clinic in April due to some irregular labs and was told to bring in my tax papers from last year for proof of income. I did and the new information was entered into the computer; the results were a change in my payment to full price of $170.00 per visit. I explained that I could not pay this amount and that I do not have the same job or income from last year. I was told that I could not be seen, receive the results of my lab work, nor could I continue to receive my insulin at the discounted rate. On my way out I saw the receptionist and explained to her what I was told; she was upset and I asked her to pray for me.

When I got to my car I cried; I then prayed Lord these people do not care If I live or die but I know you do please give me the wisdom to see what you have planned for me. I drove home and went into my room to think; I picked up the phone and called my former primary care physicians office to inquire as to the price of an office visit. The receptionist explained that they did not have a flat rate each visit was based on what the doctor did for you. I explained that I no longer had insurance and she said we have a special program for those who do not. She asked if I would like to apply and of course I said yes.

She took my information over the phone and emailed it to the person in charge; she gave me the phone number for that office in case I had questions. Two weeks later I was approved for the program at 100% to see my doctor; two weeks later I received a card in the mail that is good for one year of services. Don't tell me that God does not still perform miracles like parting the Red Sea in 2011. What a wonderful God we serve!!! He always takes care of His children!!!

In January God moved on the heart of a lady and in February on the heart a gentleman to give me fifty dollars with this money I was able to purchase fifty metal book easels for the students in the school. These are greatly needed by the students; they will be so happy to receive them.

On March 13th the Lord blessed me to be able to speak at New Covenant Baptist Church in Newport News, Virginia with Pastor Steven Mayo and his people. I was supposed to show my DVD presentation in Sunday School but the projector gave us problems; so I shared my testimony instead and answered questions. One of the ladies in the church was able to find and fix the problem after morning service so I shared the DVD in the night service. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share God's plan for my life.

On April 24th it was my privilege to share my testimony at Victory Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida with Pastor Tony Smart and his people on Easter Sunday in their morning service. After service I was able to practice with the choir and allowed to sing with them in the evening service. I was able to share another testimony in the evening service. I had a great time of fellowship with God's people; it was a time of refreshing for me.

After I returned from my trip to Tampa a friend phoned me asking me to call her after six p.m. When I did she explained that she wanted to give me a check to purchase a brand new singer sewing machine to take to the Philippines that she found on sale for $129.00. The next morning I stopped by to pick up the check for $135.00; I drove to the ocean front at Virginia, Beach to pick up the sewing machine the total price was $135.45. I had $0.45; Praise the Lord!!!!!

My support level is 17.4% which I am praising God for; He has truly blessed me. Please continue to pray that God would continue to build my support according to His will. I now have four supporting churches and a missionary couple that God is using faithfully to help me. I am trusting God to get me to the Philippines by October of this year in time for the 15th anniversary of Ambassador Fundamental Baptist Church.

Yours in Christ,

Janice E. Williams

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